10.05.18Luke Greenlee

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07.15.18Caitlyn Whinham


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Soulstarent.com soulstarent.com

12.12.16Big Man

Yow cuz mi call yuh fi a week nah hear yuh, dance february mad, mi wan forward again mek sure yuh link mi.


You need to answer your phone


Big up soul star, bwoy the cd Bun up really tun up way way up.

much love


Yow king man when the sound a forwad to Winnipeg


Loving the website keep up the good work.Also loving the download section.

03.28.14Sexy Marie

Hey I hope life is treating you good, I love the cd you gave me, but I won't be in toronto until the summer.where can I download soul star cd's


Hey Guys, just wanted to say thank you for playing some great music friday. My friends & I had a great time. I been playing your cd all week in my car.Thanks again

01.06.14Mavin P

Big up Soul Star Sound........ Bwoy the man dem play hard new years eve, even my girl was moving maaad. Pure madness for 2014. respect


Hi m name is Dave, In the past Eddie Wisdom ask me to udate your webste for you , not sure i you remember me , but I have alot of people interested in your tracks , exspecially your first 3 cd's , Is there a way can get a hold of them some how, And cost also?

07.31.13Sexy Marie

Stileto & Tights was a good event. I love the vibez & the way the sounds play. I listen to the cd sound as if I was still at the dance maaad.


I have been trying to contact some for the longest time. I have an event I want you guys to play in October. thx


gd nite Im just wondering why you guys stop up to dating the website. I was at the dance last sat. Gd vibes & thanks for the cd.

02.12.12marcia webley

Hey guys wanted to say thx for the invite to the pre valentine dance. last nite. I had a lovely time & as usually you guys played some music I haven't heard in a long time bring back some memories.. Thx big up


Yo mi big fren i have bin trying to get a link on you , i hope you check your email so that u can get back at me ...my number is 585-490-9811 get at me asap.

07.26.11Sexy Angie

Hey guys jt wanted to say that I love the vibes last saturday @ Sheilas Place.When are you you guys coming back to town.

07.11.11Warren T

My youth a the afirst inna a year mi a hear the sound play.The man them get crazier everytime I hear soul star. Bwoy the man them put down a piece a firer inna the fundraiser dance. Wicked my youth.


Mi neva know sey a such a big thing yuh have going on man? Congrats man!!!!! Yuh thing global !!! Just gwan give the fans them positive music to listen to> Love and respect all the time.

05.21.11Mona lesa

hey chris what up guys, I love the cd's. I just wanted to say thanks & big up the big bad soul star. love forever


Link me bredren I have the remainder of the registration fees I will try too give it to you tomorrow or Sunday!!!


Big up mi fren them,I heard that you guys will be playing @ the mothers day event with Tony Curtis...... I will be there.

04.10.11Michelle T

hello soul star how come you dont put on the mother day flyers yet...... your slipping

03.16.11shauvaughn smith

Big up to Soulstar after all you did it you had them houston girls acting wotless thanks again for joining us blessup.

03.16.11myra d

chris knight i heard that you guys will be in winnipeg soon how soon......my girls & i cannt wait..... any new cd's....link up

02.25.11Marcia Gordon

big up soul star sound you guys are the best.

02.20.11shanelle b

soulstar yuh deh baddest around i cant wait fuh yuh to come Houston and set dis place on fire!!!!!!

02.20.11Lesa Marie

soulstar I love the cd thx


Big up soul star cann't keep a good sound down

02.16.11Devon Carey

big up the soul star family,like how you guys start out 2011. Nuff love & Honor

02.14.11Benny Boom

soul star keep up the good works,jah bless


Soulstar we cant wait till you come to Houston blessup

02.12.11Ryan Di Don

soul star a the baddest, I love you guys cd it wicked! when are you guys coming back to winnipeg

02.10.11Mark Brown

Family just a tek a little look, mi like it